Study Guide

Series: Christian Atheist

Message: Living as if God is Powerless

Start your time together by watching this short video intro

Introduction: Many of us have seen God intervene in situations when hope seemed to be lost. We call these “divine interventions” or, in some cases, “miracles.” Today we will talk a bit about how our faith plays a part in the power of God manifesting itself. 

Read Mark 5:25-34

  1. According to Jesus, what healed this woman?

  2. What role did the faith of this woman have in her healing to take place?

  3. What can we learn from this story that will apply to our present circumstances?

  4. What does Ephesians 3:20 say about what God is capable of doing?

  5. What does Romans 8:11 say about the type of power that is available to us? 

Comment: Pastor Josh said Sunday that having faith (expectation) is “half the battle”. This doesn’t mean, however, that we have the power to control outcomes.  

  1. What are your thoughts on the comment above?

  1. What does Mark 10:52 say was the thing that healed Bartimeaus?

  2. What does Matthew 13:58 say was the reason Jesus didn’t do many miracles in his hometown? 

  3. How do Mark 10:52 and Matthew 13:58 apply to your present circumstances?

Comment: Pastor Josh shared a story in 2 Kings where prophet Elisha challenged a poor woman to gather as many jars of oil as she possibly could. The scripture says that the oil stopped when she ran out of jars.  


  1. What do you believe would have happened if the woman would have gathered less/more jars? 

  2. What does this story teach us about the power of expectation?

  3. What would you say is your current level of expectation? Why?

Comment: Our level of faith/expectation is many times affected by the fact that sometimes God doesn’t come through like we would like for Him to. 

  1. Do you believe this to be true? Why?

Read Mark 9:22-24

  1. What did the demon possessed kid’s father ask Jesus to help him with?

  2. Pray with your group for God to help you with your unbelief (we all struggle with it)

Conclusion: There is a fascinating link between our faith/expectation and the intervention of God in our circumstances. Granted, we can’t control what God does or doesn’t do but we can control our level of expectation. I pray we'll all have the faith of the woman with the bleeding, and the faith of blind Bartimeaus so we can see God moving powerfully in our lives and in our church.